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Online shoppers around the world flock to U.S. sites

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Many of the world’s shoppers covet the products of U.S. brands, and they’re using the Internet to buy them.

A study of frequent online shoppers around the world shows they make 24% of their purchases at websites outside of their home country, with half of those purchases coming on U.S.-based e-commerce sites. 

The “UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper” study, sponsored by delivery service UPS and conducted by web research firm comScore Inc., surveyed 19,485 consumers in 14 countries in North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America. All respondents said they make at least two online purchases in a typical three-month period.

Among U.S. shoppers, 54% say they have made online purchases with retailers outside of the United States.

Consumers in other regions are less likely to look abroad to make online purchases. Europeans say they make only 20% of their web buys on foreign e-commerce sites, including 9% on U.S. sites. In Asia, consumers make 23% of their online purchases abroad, including 11% from U.S. sites. Consumers in the Western Hemisphere, however, are more likely to shop with U.S. e-retailers. In Brazil, consumers make 36% of their purchase on foreign websites, including 23% on U.S. sites; the comparable figures for Mexico are 39% abroad and 26% from U.S. sites.

Online shopping across borders will grow to $330 billion by 2020 from $80 billion in 2014, UPS predicts, increasing to 11% of online retail purchases in 2020 from 6.5% in 2014.

“A huge amount of shopping happening is crossing borders now,” Ashley Boggs, a marketing manager in the corporate retail segment of UPS, said Thursday on a webinar discussing the survey results. “There’s a strong impetus for U.S. retailers to look at these markets.”
Source:  Internet Retailer


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