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Online retailers can ask ‘Do you want video with that?’

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Vift, a provider of video messages that arrive at the same time as gifts ordered online, is partnering with merchants ranging from baby products e-retailer Mothers Lounge to craft beer specialist Long Island HomeBrew to boost personalized gift-giving.

Vift lets online shoppers record a video message that’s delivered at the same time their gift arrives. Vift’s parent company, New York-based KeepTree, unveiled the technology at the IRCE conference in June, and is testing the service with 50 retailers and announcing customers.

Vift lets retailers either license the service or download it as a plug-in extension of major e-commerce platforms such as Shopify or Magento, says Mike Shelton, vice president of marketing. The licensing varies, based on the e-commerce retailer’s volume of Vift purchases from its shopping cart, while the plug-in entails a 50-50 revenue split with the merchant, which typically charges $2 per purchase.

Vift allows gift buyers to record their own videos on their smart devices to be sent in sync with the gift’s delivery. Gift buyers record the video through any browser across all devices on all platforms.

The retailer controls messaging that surrounds the video through its own administrative dashboard that it can update. The messaging automatically updates in real time when anyone accesses the video. If a gift recipient who clicks on a video months later — say, at Thanksgiving — to remind herself where the gift came from, she will see the latest Thanksgiving-themed branding and marketing message from the retailer where the gift originated, says KeepTree founder and CEO Jon Loew. “The branding stays with the video for the life of the video, and the retailer controls the messaging as a micro-site,” he says.
Source:  Internet Retailer

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