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NFC Stickers Impress Retailers at Sydney Show

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tapnshow.pngNFC marketing specialist TapNShow's NFC stickers have been hailed a success by exhibitors at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, a two-week celebration of Australian culture that attracts some 900,000 visitors annually.

Woolworths, Voodooo Rocky Road, Wine Selectors and 50 other exhibitors displayed TapNShow NFC stickers holding links to custom web content associated with each business.

"Having the TapNShow sticker was like having extra staff to answer questions," says Woolworths' Justin Knight. "Especially at busy times, a curious person who might otherwise have passed us by would tap the sticker to get some info about the food we were promoting."

"People would have a Rocky Road sample in one hand and their phone in the other," added Voodooo Rocky Road's Mark Nicolls. "They'd tap the sticker and read about the entire gourmet range, allowing them to join our membership and order online — it added an extra dimension to the experience."

"Exhibitors at the Easter Show used a mixture of special offers, product information and social content to strengthen the engagement of show attendees with their exhibit," says Paul Kedwell, TapNShow's marketing director.

"We're delighted with the positive results and we look forward to helping marketers all around the country to add a new, convenient, and cost-effective channel of customer engagement."

Source:  NFC World


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