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Netherlands: online sales face 20% increase in September, 2015

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The online sales in the Netherlands increased by 20.2% in September, 2015, compared to the same period in 2014, a recent research study reveals.

This growth is mostly due to the increased online sales of physical retailers, which grew harder than those of online pure players, according to a recent report issued by the Dutch statistics agency CBS, reports.

The growth was bigger than that of August, 2015. Meanwhile, the online sales of retailers whose online selling is a secondary activity (CBS calls them multi-channelers) increased by 27.6% in September, 2015. Online stores, whose main activity is selling goods and services online, saw their online sales increase by 15.4% during the same period.

Online sales of physical retailers increased almost twice as hard as those of pure players. This is not new in the Netherlands, as the statistics agency came with the same conclusion in earlier months of 2015. Before that, it didn’t publish any statistics about the online development of multichannel retailers.
Source:  The Paypers


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