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MTS and Ericsson test 5G

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24.04.2017 Количество просмотров 278 views
MTS and Ericsson have successfully tested the fifth-generation communication technology on the moving smartphone prototype with the data transfer speed of 25 Gbps. The tests have been conducted on stationary devices so far.

The communication technology was tested at ‘Otkrytie Arena’, a Moscow stadium where a base station operating in the range of 14.5-15.3 GHz transmitted a signal to a movable smartphone prototype at the speed of 25 Gbps. This data transfer speed allowed the device to download a 1 hour HD video within less than 3 sec. 

MTS and Ericsson have experienced several scenarios of the 5G connection, including online video streaming in 4K format, the operation of online virtual reality services and remote robot control from the smartphone that require ultra-small delays in package exchange.
As we have already reported, all Russian mobile operators engage in the development of 5G technologies. The 5G networks will start operating in test mode in 2018, with this standard commercial operation around the world to start in 2020. 


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