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mPOS: Moscow Central Department Store (TsUM) decides to rely on loyalty?

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2294cb3dd3fa1aea539bdfd8e68b7493.jpgCentral Department Store (TsUM) introduced a unique POS-solution at the end of 2016. It allows the shoppers to pay for their purchases from any place in the store, without going to the checkout, and immediately receive the goods from a shop assistant. For this purpose, “Mobile Seller” is used, a system that includes portable printer and terminal, consisting of iPod Touch and a cover with POS-terminal. The wireless payment system reduces the checkout workload during rush hours - a merit especially important during the periods of sales.

The solution was being prepared from January to November 2016. TsUM and the Instelligence- company were responsible for the mobile functionality development and integration, Sberbank was in charge of the adjustment of the software for card acceptance at POS-terminals equipped with integrated barcode scanner. The solution was put into test operation with a limited number of users in August 2016 to switch to commercial operation in October.

The project “Seller’s Mobile Assistant + mPOS as a growth point" won the “Project of the Year 2016” award from in the Mobile Solutions category.

2c189116ec9e765d2fdbad2bd0cb175d.jpgArtem Pletnev, CIO, TsUM, tells about the purposes and the distinctive features of this initiative.

R&L: Does the new POS-solution ensure a  significant cost reduction for the store?

A. Pletnev: This solution is aimed at creating an additional loyalty tool, rather than reducing the costs. We enable the customer to pay for the purchase using a method most convenient to him/her immediately at a store department or at the checkout.

R&L: The solution is primarily designed to reduce workload on the checkouts during peak hours or to service niche customers to increase conversion rate?

A. Pletnev: The aim is to reduce the checkout workload and to allow the client to choose the most comfortable method of payment.

R&L: How many shoppers (%) are expected to use this service according to your forecast?

A.Pletnev: About 15-20% of non-cash payments in the departments equipped with the terminals are now performed on the spot. Our goal is to achieve no less than 90%.

R&L: How is the connection with a fiscal printer is implemented in the software and hardware complex?

A. Pletnev: The fiscal printer is connected through a WiFi network. This is a unique solution. To implement it, we have upgraded our network and integrated Apple devices via Wi-Fi with the fiscal equipment. As far as I know, such solution has no analogues.

R&L: Is the POS-solution integrated with the retailer’s ERP-system and CRM?

A. Pletnev: Communication with the ERP-system is implemented in an online mode; integration with CRM is now underway.

R&L: Does the solution allow you to view the stock balance and the client's personal history?

A. Pletnev: It is the stock balance view that became one of the functions first implemented. We decided, first, to allow the shop assistant to provide all the information to the client in a live dialogue, to select the size and analogues – and not to leave the customer alone, as it happened before, while going into the back room to see if the right size and color are available.

R&L: Who are your equipment suppliers?

A. Pletnev: The application is based on Apple hardware, the cover-payment terminal is from Ingenico, fiscal printer – from Shrih-M.

All shop assistants in Moscow TsUM are now working with Mobile Seller, and the sales staff of TsUM in St. Petersburg (historical name “Leningrad Trade Centre”) is working with a seller’s mobile assistant. The number of mobile terminals in TsUM is almost half of the number of stationary checkouts. The solution capabilities are being enhanced with a mobile set for couriers and iPad-version being under development now.

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