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Motorola Shows off Retail Kiosk at Innovation Showcase

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Customer ConciergeMotorola Solutions Inc. held its annual Innovation Showcase last week, touting its latest inventions to technology analysts and the press, reported. 

The company highlighted its large concierge touchscreen targeted for endless aisle applications. It helps consumers to find an item they need, and lets them read reviews, link to a live assistant and make a purchase through an attached card reader device. The system also provides an option for control via voice command. 

On the grocery side, Motorola displayed its connected shopper concept that allows consumers to use their smartphones to scan items in-aisle and pay for them at the self-checkout. The concept also suggests additional products and offers coupons, the article reported. 

Paul Steinberg, senior vice president and chief technology officer at Motorola Solutions, said that not all of the products have launched, but should be available in the next year or two. 

"Some of this isn't available yet. We're inventing everything as we go," said Steinberg. "We want them (customers) to get the information they need at the right time and in the right way."
Source:  Kiosk Marketplace

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