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Moscow Mayor's Office presents online retail-navigator

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The city authorities have launched a new online navigator across the retail sector in Moscow, the website of the Moscow city government informed on Monday. 

According to the concept proposed by the officials, a new interactive guide will allow city residents to find services and products close to home.

"Muscovites can see all kinds of shops on the city map - from boutiques to outlets and second-hand shops, from hypermarkets to flower shops and caterers. A convenient filter tuned by area or district will help find the right retailer,"- the statement says.

The information on the retail sector is divided into several subsections, including food, clothing, household goods, children’s goods and so on. In addition to retailers’ details the new service also includes information on the services sector.

"You can find all kinds of catering - from restaurants and bars to canteens, snack bars and children cafes. The section also includes all bath houses, saunas, laundry, dry cleaning and repair shops of the city. In addition, the single service covers hairdressing saloons, rental services, photo studios and even pawn shops,"- explains the mayor's office spokespersons.

Another category includes the city events. "About 20 data suits devoted the New Year celebrations will be added in the second half of December, such as New Year trees markets, Christmas markets and more", - the statement says.
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