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Moscow authorities may ban Uber

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Uber.jpgAccording to the rules of theTransportation Department, Uber may not operate in the Russian Federation unless it works with legal drivers and submits information about the taxis routes around the city.

The city authorities may suspend the of Uber in Moscow if the taxi operator fail to formalize its relations with them in a cooperation agreement,  Transportation Department Head Maxim Liksutov informed. 

“If the company fails to sign an agreement with us, we will appeal to law enforcement agencies, judicial authorities, with a demand to ban the operation of this mobile application on the territory of Moscow”, - he said.

In late 2015, the Department disclosed the conditions to be met by Uber to continue operations in Russia.

“First, the Uber company must undertake to only work with legal taxi drivers who have permissions for taxi business. And second, they are to send us the data on the movement of taxis in the city. The data will be anonymized - we need tracks alone", - the statement says.

The procedure lasted way too long because of corporate features of the service. The department says they are ready to wait a bit before addressing their request to the law enforcement and judicial authorities.

Uber spokesman Evgenya Shitova said in an interview with radio station "Moscow Speaking", that, on their part, such delay did take place.

"Indeed, at our side there were some delays in the harmonization of such documents within the company, but the work on the agreement is underway as expected."
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