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Mikhail Trunov (UCS) at the International PLUS Forum ‘Online&Offline Retail 2014’

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Mikhail Trunov (UCS) at the International PLUS Forum ‘Online&Offline Retail 2014’Mikhail Trunov, Loyalty Programme Manager, UCS, confirmed his participation as a speaker in the  International PLUS Forum ‘Online&Offline Retail 2014’.

At the Forum the speaker will deliver a report under the title: “Gift cards and loyalty programs of UCS”.

Mikhail Trunov is an expert in the area of payment instruments and plastic cards. During 1994-2005, worked for Menatep bank (currently, Trust Bank) holding different positions. In 2005-2007, worked for MBTS-Bank and Roseurobank, as head of the division, responsible for POS terminal and ATM network. Since 2007 Mikhail Trunov has been the Head UCS department, responsible for general organisation, implementation and support of loyalty programme projects.

The Forum Steering Committee invites FMCG and HoReCa market operators to share their success in implementation of the market-sought projects in the course of the conference, round tables and networking. 

More detailed information about the Forum topics can be found at PLUS-forum.com, the official website of the event where online-registration for Online & Offline Retail 2014 PLUS Forum is also open. 

The Steering Committee informs that for employees of retail chains, online-stores, airlines, tourist agencies, fuel stations and government agencies registered before 15 March, 2014, the participation fee and delegate package are free.    
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