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Media Markt optimizes business in Russia

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The retailer is going to close three of its hypermarkets at once.

The German company that specializes in selling electronics and home appliances has decided to optimize its hypermarket chain in Russia. As a result, three stores will be closed, including the Gorod shopping center located at the Ryazansky prospekt in Moscow, and two stores in Cheboksary and Ivanovo.

“The decision to close a store is made if the store fails to reach its business objectives,” - said a representative of Media Markt.

Apart from that, the retailer continues to open new stores. Opening of a hypermarket in the European shopping center in Moscow is already scheduled for November, a company spokesman said in an interview to the media. The company is not going to reduce the number of stores in the capital city. Moreover, the retailer is looking for new sales premises most conveniently located, he said.

It should be recalled, that the company informed about its intent to revise their development strategy in the Russian Federation at the end of last year, and then began to reduce the floor space of its hypermarkets. Besides, the company announced that it would seek to actively promote their sales on the Internet.
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