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McDonald’s Adds NFC Games to Restaurant Tables

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NFC Games in McDonald’sMcDonald's has launched an NFC campaign in Singapore that turns dining tables into interactive racing tracks. The Happy Table initiative, delivered in partnership with worldwide advertising agency DDB, is currently running in one location as a pilot test.

NFC stickers have been placed underneath tables across the restaurant. After downloading the McParty Run app, users can hold their NFC-equipped Android smartphones over the table to play the restaurant's racing game.

Joji Jacob, chief creative officer at DDB Group Singapore, told NFC World: "We programmed NFC sticker tags to act like parts of a racetrack, much like Scalextric tracks. We used a variety of generic brands for the NFC tags.

"Then we stuck these sticker tags on the underside of our restaurant tables so that they are invisible. When kids hovered their smartphones over the ordinary looking tables, the tables magically turned into McDonaldLand and their mobiles become fun little go-karts.

"Kids can zip around tables to collect burgers, harvest apple pies and fight baddies like Hamburglar and Captain Crook. All to help Ronald organise a party for the folks of McDonaldLand."
Source:  NFC World


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