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«Made in Russia» brand to come to Europe in 2017-2018

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Vera Podguzova, director for external communications, Russian Export Center, says that first «Made in Russia» brand will be launched in Germany and Great Britain.

She added: «As part of the project, for the next two years we are considering regions that are outlined in the REC strategy. We focus on Asian markets. Among them China, Iran, Indonesia, Vietnam, India. Besides, we are interested in the South American market».

Europe will not be neglected by the REC as well. At the moment two countries are considered: Germany and Great Britain. Vera Podguzova explains: «Media support in Europe will be very thorough. It will be provided with the help of RT that has English broadcasts. It may also include small-scale promotional activities and cultural events. The selection of products and their information support will be very precise».

During the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum REC entered into an agreement with RT to promote «Made in Russia» brand. As part of the agreement RT will produce and place on its resources some promotional content that will contribute to the growth of Russian export.

Besides, the TV-channel will contribute to the promotion of export umbrella brand «Made in Russia» in foreign countries. The channel will engage all available promotional tools from creating special-purpose online-projects and promo-videos to the distribution of information about the brand among partners and subscribers of RUPTLY international video agency (member of RT network).

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