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Long queues – main frustration for UK in-store shoppers

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queue.jpgRegardless of their age, UK citizens still prefer to shop in-store (81 percent), but want faster payment systems to overcome long queues, recent findings indicate. According to Payment Generation Gap, a new analysis of British shoppers’ payments habits carried out by payments company Kalixa Group, 60 percent of shoppers have declared that long queues are their number one shopping frustration. 

The same source points out that this is a particular issue for Baby Boomers and the older Silent Generation with 69 percent of them seeing it as an annoyance. Ed Chandler, CEO of Kalixa, has mentioned that shopping should be an enjoyable experience and if queues are causing frustrations, retailers have to look at how they can quicken transaction times. E-commerce is opening the doors to retailers to offer a variety of ways to accept payment in a swift and secure fashion. The survey also finds that two-thirds of respondents think that cash will be a thing of the past for shopping in 2020 and 54 percent predict that contactless technology will have taken its place. This presents opportunities for retailers to cut queues and offer alternative in-store payment options to increasingly tech-savvy shoppers. 

The study analyses the paying habits of 2,126 UK shoppers across all generations.
Source:  ThePaypers


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