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«Lifan» to sell its cars in Russia online

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According to the press, «Lifan», a major Chinese manufacturer, signed a contract with AliExpress and SPSR Express for the sale and delivery of their cars.

If the program will be a success, cars can be bought online for the first time in the history of the Russian car market.

Prices for online, as compared to offline, sales haven’t been announced yet, but taking into consideration that car dealers usually charge 5-10% of the price, it is logical to expect discounts of the same size applied to a transaction concluded without the participation of a showroom.

Currently the company already sells cars online in China, based on the Alibaba platform. According to some estimates, up to 1 million cars are supposed to be sold online in China before the end of the year. This is eight times as much as the last year's figures.

It should be noted that online car sales is one of the newest and fastest growing sectors of e-commerce. The first cars were sold on the Internet in 2010, and about 300 models from 30 manufacturers had been presented on the online car market by the end of 2014.

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