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KidZania to open in Moscow on January 28, 2016

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Moscow KidZania, which occupies an area of 10,000 m², will become the largest and most advanced high-tech facility of this kind in Europe

Legend has it that once upon a time the children from all over the world came together to decide that the adult world was far from being perfect, and founded their own country - KidZania. In order to consolidate the basic principles, the Declaration of Independence was prepared that defined six rights of a child: the right to be, the right to know, the right to create, the right to share, the right to care for and the right to play. Since then, the KidZania geography has expanded rapidly: Russia becomes the 18th country and Moscow – the 21st city of its presence. You can cross the border of Moscow KidZania at the AVIAPARK hsopping centre on the Khodynka Boulevard.

KidZania is a mini-city for children aged 4-14, with a real city infrastructure, its own naturalization system, language, currency (kidzo), anthem and other attributes. To make the time spent in KidZania the most interesting and useful, the children should choose from more than one hundred professions available in the city.

The construction of the city cost over $ 30 million. The expected number of visitors within the year is 1 million. Besides, it will be a city with an inclusive educational environment, which was created by the KidZania government with the support of experts from the Naked Heart Foundation. Natalia Vodianova, a Russian model and philanthropist, became goodwill ambassador of KidZania in Moscow.

The city is built in partnership with leading international and Russian companies.

Kidzania has its own system of government. Thus, the head of each region has the title of governor. Gevorg Sargsyan, KidZania Governor in Russia comments:
“KidZania is the place on Earth where children are free in the positive sense of the word. They learn to take their own decisions and make their own choices, while parents in capacity of observers can evaluate the child's talents in certain areas. Partner companies help us achieve the maximum effect of realism, when every child is not only involved in the process, but also inspired. And the expanding geography of KidZania allows children to see the world from as wide as possible perspective.”

Air tickets to KidZania are available today on We’ll meet in our airport lounge on January 28, 2016. Wi-Fi is free for residents and visitors on the whole territory of the Moscow KidZania.
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