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Keywest Technology Intros Digital Concierge for Hospitality Industry

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Digital ConciergeDigital signage provider Keywest Technology has introduced a new "digital concierge" for the hospitality industry.

The hospitality package features a large, 55-inch digital concierge, which saw its first installation in the lobby of a Chicago hotel known for exceptional service in exquisite surroundings, the company said. The turnkey package also includes digital promotion signs, custom creative content and project-managed installation.

MileNorth Hotel in downtown Chicago, only a few steps away from the city's renowned Magnificent Mile, is taking communications to a new level using the newly developed Breeze digital signage system, according to an announcement from Keywest Technology. The project was conceptualized, created and project-managed by Keywest Technology's digital artisans in cooperation with hotel signage experts RB Industries.

The hotel was outfitted with a custom system to fit the ambiance and to meet the high standards of convenience offered to guests system-wide, the company said. Keywest Technology worked with hotel management in crafting a 55-inch interactive sign, the digital concierge, that is protected in a portrait view self-standing housing.

The housing contains two ViewSonic 55-inch LED backlit digital displays that operate in 1080P resolution. One side of the housing is used only for promotional messages, while the other side supports full-on interactive that provides information, including:
  • Hotel guest information
  • Hotel amenities
  • Hotel meeting room information
  • Airport flight information
  • Local attractions with wayfinding and QR codes
  • Local restaurants with wayfinding and QR codes
  • Local sports with wayfinding and QR codes
  • Nearby shopping destination.
In addition to the touchscreen designed to provide an immersive guest experience, the digital concierge also sports time, date and weather information, Keywest Technology said. An interactive weather widget provides local weather conditions with a five-day forecast.

According to Sam Ruggles, hospitality solutions manager for Keywest Technology, his company advocates interactive digital signage where added efficiencies via automation can make positive contributions by effectively promoting useful information as another customer touchpoint. "Our digital concierge is the centerpiece for MileNorth," he said in the announcement. "It operates on so many levels for individual guests that it truly becomes part of the hospitality service process and greatly enhances the quality of the guest experience."

The MileNorth installation also includes three strategically placed 42-inch digital signs that are powered by Keywest Technology's new cloud-hosted Breeze system. This system enables ubiquitous management of the screens from any location through a Web browser, as well as reliability, security and affordability with Linux-embedded media players, the company said.

Two of the 42-inch digital screens are located above the guest room elevators. With 29 floors including the C-View rooftop bar, guests occasionally have to wait 10 to 15 minutes during peak times for a lift. With the two signs, MileNorth management can provide guests enjoyable infotainment to help reduce perceived wait times.

Finally, two additional digital signs are located in the lobby area, with one being on the reverse side of the digital concierge broadcasting promotional messages and the third 42-inch display mounted near meeting rooms to provide event names, times and dates, much like a digital reader board.

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