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INPAS – the Global Sponsor of the International PLUS Forum ‘Online & Offline Retail 2014’

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INPAS – the Global Sponsor of the International PLUS Forum ‘Online & Offline Retail 2014’INPAS has confirmed its participation as the Global Sponsor of the International PLUS Forum ‘Online&Offline Retail 2014’ to be held by Retail & Loyalty and PLUS journals on March 31, 2014 in Moscow. The company plans to demonstrate CASHINFINITY cash management solution, POS-Cash Register – a unique cash payment solution, VX820 signature capture PIN pad, and many other.

The Forum dedicated to the analysis of prospects for the development of the retail industry in Russia, the CIS and other countries.

INPAS and GLORY, a Japanese corporation, will present CASHINFINITY, an automated cash payment handling system for Russian retailers. The solution is unique, because its introduction allows all cash handling processes, both “external” – settlements with buyers, and “internal” – operations of cashiers and senior cashiers, to be automated.

CASHINFINITY, as a modular solution, includes cash front and back-office modules, as well as special software CI-SERVER. The software allows senior cashiers or managers to receive complete information about the modules operation and the quantity of cash in circulation. A convenient graphical interface makes the work with the program simple and convenient. The CASHINFINITY solution consists of 2 basic units: banknote (CI-10B) and coin (CI-10C) modules for checkouts and banknote (CI-100B) and coin (CI-100C) modules for back office cash handling.

CASHINFINITY CI-10B/C (checkout) and CI-100B/C (back office) modules can validate banknotes and coins at a level of professional bank equipment: there are four machine-readable features for banknotes, dimensions and alloy for coins.

INPAS will demonstrate POS Cash Register, a unique cash payment solution consisting of a terminal with a fiscal register. This solution is designed for small and medium businesses. It allows registration of sale and issue of a fiscal receipt similarly to an autonomous cash register, and can accept all types of bank cards and cash. The terminal can generate a list of sold products, perform sale registration, purchase cancellation transactions, shift opening and closing and other functions.

Both countertop and mobile versions of the solution will be demonstrated at the exhibition. The countertop unit consists of VX820 VeriFone PIN pad and FPrint-11K fiscal register manufactured by ATOL, and the mobile one includes D200 PAX mobile PIN pad and FPrint-11K fiscal register.

In addition, INPAS and VeriFone, a global leader in secure electronic POS solutions, will present an advanced solution for signature capture on the screen of VX820 PIN pad. This innovative solution enables transfer of payment transaction data into the electronic document flow, as well as accounting and control. The signature capture solution is based on VeriFone device with a colour touch-screen capable of saving the image of client’s signature on the terminal's screen

The signature capture solution reduces the service time per client as there is no need to print a receipt to be signed by the client manually and returned to the cashier. According to various expert estimates, the time required for payment with a bank card drops by 30-50%.

INPAS will show these and other advanced end efficient payment solutions in the central booth at the Online & Offline Retail 2014 exhibition.

In March PLUS Forum will bring together leading Russian and international experts in online and offline retail, top managers of FMCG and HoReCa market operators, online stores and banks in Russia and the CIS; representatives of airlines, insurance companies, vertically integrated oil companies, tour operators; vendors of equipment and solutions and others. 

The Forum Steering Committee invites FMCG and HoReCa market operators to share their success in implementation of the market-sought projects in the course of the conference, round tables and networking. The applications specifying the topics of presentations and reports can be sent to the Steering Committee before February 24, 2014. 

More detailed information about the Forum topics can be found at, the official website of the event where online-registration for Online & Offline Retail 2014 PLUS Forum is also open. 

The Steering Committee informs that for employees of retail chains, online-stores, airlines, tourist agencies, fuel stations and government agencies registered before 15 March, 2014, the participation fee and delegate package are free. 
Source:  Retail&Loyalty

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