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How Pokémon can help retailers

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The Retail & Loyalty Editorial Board asked the local retailers, whether they are going to use Pokémon Go notorious app in their marketing strategy.

For example, last week M.Video launched a campaign designed for Pokémon GO fans across all cities of the retailer’s presence. To get a promotional code for a RUB500 purchase in M.Video, it is enough to catch Pokémon in the background of the company logo and download a screenshot in any social network with the hashtag #mvideoGO. Those who caught the most number of Pokémons will receive a special prize – hoverboard.
Another electronic and household appliances retail chain, Tehnosila, watches closely the developing trend. “We will definitely monitor advent of Pokémons in all stores of our chain to promptly inform about it the subscribers in social networks, says Pavel Vorobiev, PR Communications Manager, Tehnosila.

At Eldorado, they plan to use the augmented reality technology are for the employees training. “The world does not stand still, with new products appearing every day. Now we see the augmented reality and Pokémon Go, and a full-scale sale of Sony VR will start in a few months. We welcome all-round development of our employees, because our product range is partly related to the multimedia world. Games are not allowed during the business hours, of course, but we already have some ideas regarding the ways of the augmented reality technology implementation in the staff training process. After all, we are dealing with Generation Y people who are interested in high-tech, cool games, and entertainment, and against the background of such a hype surrounding this game, we can significantly boost the interest of our employees to learning and to make the training process more interactive,” says Roman Ermolenko, HP Vice President, Eldorado.

At Media Markt they believe that the augmented reality technology has great prospects for marketing: “For Media Markt, Pokémon Go-related activations are really interesting and allow us to ensure additional traffic in the stores owing to the gamers audience, which is strategically important for Media Markt. Correct activations allow us to control the traffic in the stores, and eventually, the “augmented reality” may become another significant sales channel.
We planned to start the activations with Ingress earlier, but, for various reasons, the project was not launched. Now we cannot help responding to the phenomenal success of Pokémon Go, and soon we will launch the activations with bonuses and additional incentives for Pokémon Go players. Selling goods and services to the gamers is also of great interest for us, and we plan to get down to this task in the coming months,” says Alexander Fedosov, Marketing Vice President, MediaMarkt.

X5 Retail Group (Perekrestok retail chain) is going as far as launching their own Pokémon. “Among the audience of Perekrestok supermarkets – most of them located in metropolitan areas and large cities – there are a lot of innovative technology users, innovators in spirit. Being aware of this, the retail chain is ready not only to extend maximum tolerance to those catching Pokémons in our stores. The Perekrestok chain representatives already sent a request to Nintendo regarding a possibility to add their own character in Pokémon Go. If the commercial terms and conditions suit the company, such Pokémon will appear in the game in the near future,” X5 Retail Group's press service comments.

Svyaznoy have not disclosed their plans in regard to Pokémon Go so far. “We see retailers all over the world getting involved in the Pokémon Go initiative, and do not plan to stay on the sidelines. We have started from a simple thing – a detailed review of the game published on the portal, and in 2 days it has become the most popular article in the Reviews column, gaining over 5000 views. We are ready to launch other activities that will start in the near future. We are not going to disclose our ideas yet, but we are confident that for customers, it will be and exciting entertainment and an opportunity to make a good buy,” the company spokespersons commented.

The Dixy Group is also interested in using the app to attract customers, but the company is waiting for the official release of Pokémon Go in Russia. “We are closely following the development trends in the digital technology, and do not rule out the possibility of integration of Pokémon Go gameplay into the marketing programs of Dixy and Victoria stores, though it can take place no sooner than the game comes to the Russian market. We are confident that this will help attract more customers to the stores during the ‘low’ summer season,” comments Ekatherina Kumanina, Director of Corporate and External Relations, Dixy Group.

Meanwhile, it has become known that the launch of Pokémon GO in Russia was postponed for an indefinite period of time because of problems with the servers.

“The servers of Niantic, the game developer, cannot cope with the workload despite the permanent upgrading. This is largely due to the influx of players from the countries where the game was not officially released. Russia will not see Pokémon GO soon, though this will bring certain losses,” noted spokespersons of Nintendo, the application developer.

Nevertheless, the application still can be downloaded in App Store or Google Play, if you change some of the smartphone settings.

Pokémon GO is a game with elements of augmented reality, based on Japanese Pokémon anime series. The application was launched by Nintendo on July 6, and has become very popular around the world shortly.
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