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Hellman's Rolls Out High-Tech Recipe Cart

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cart.jpgThe Hellman's mayonnaise brand took an innovative approach to product awareness with its recent high-tech supermarket campaign in Brazil – one that resulted in almost a 70 percent increase in sales, springwise.com reported. 

The company completed a month long deployment of the Recipe Cart, a shopping cart outfitted with a touchscreen device, at the Pão de Açúcar shopping center in São Paulo, with the help of the digital agency CUBOCC. When consumers placed a jar of Hellman's mayonnaise in their cart, the tablet detected their location through NFC tags located in each aisle, the article reported. The device then offered a recipe using Hellman's mayonnaise along with other products nearby in that aisle. 

The campaign posted significant engagement numbers for the month, with 45,000 customers experiencing the interactive carts.
Source:  Kiosk Marketplace


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