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Groupon Teams up with Borderlinx for Canadian Cross-Border Goods Commerce

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GrouponGroupon, one of the fastest growing companies in ecommerce, has selected Borderlinx Global eCommerce Solutions to help facilitate Canadian cross-border U.S. sales for the company's Groupon Goods channel. Through Borderlinx's compliant, secure and reliable cross-border trade solutions, Groupon is able to provide its Canadian customers with the capability to purchase a broader selection of Groupon Goods deals available in the United States and ship them to Canada.

Borderlinx Global eCommerce Solutions provides retailers with a hassle-free service to ship electronics, fashion, home furnishings and other items quickly and securely to countries outside the United States. Customers know the full price in Canadian currency they'll pay for a Groupon Goods item and have the peace of mind knowing that they are protected from unexpected taxes, duties and import costs that are often associated with these types of sales.

"We're excited to be working with such an innovative company as Groupon to support their Canadian cross-border trade with their Groupon Goods business," said Jérôme Mercier, Borderlinx CEO. "Our global ecommerce solution offers retailers and brands more value than most U.S. vendors, including greater flexibility, ease of integration, reliability and cost."

With nearly a decade of experience in delivering effective, transparent and hassle-free cross-border ecommerce, Borderlinx partners with DHL Express to deliver to a network of more than 200 countries and territories as well as a strong commitment to customer service.
Source:  PRNewswire


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