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Grant Victor and AppCard Intro ATM Loyalty Program

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AppCardRetail service and solutions provider Grant Victor, parent company of ATMEquipment and OptConnect has announced a partnership with AppCard Inc., a provider of customer loyalty solutions, to provide the industry's first integrated ATM loyalty programfor retailers, merchants and ATM operators.

"This is an exciting new development within the industry. AppCard brings an incredible amount of expertise and innovation related to customer loyalty, which once integrated to the ATM will change the way the value of ATMs is perceived by a merchant, retailer, hotel operator, etc.," said Jeff Matthews, CEO of Grant Victor.

Retailers and merchants who use the AppCard loyalty program will eventually be able to: award additional loyalty points through ATM use; gain access to powerful consumer shopping behavior analytics; and provide personalized offers at the ATM to drive incremental purchases within the location.

"With this new unique product offering, there will be new visibility into the usage patterns of ATM consumers in the marketplace. Utilizing patent-pending technology, we will finally understand and substantiate the spending uplift provided by an ATM within a location," Matthews said.

"We look forward to an ongoing strategic partnership with Grant Victor in the ATM industry," said Yair Goldfinger, CEO and co-founder of AppCard. "Together we will further our integration in an effort to drive loyalty and value to ATM locations. Grant Victor's industry leadership, expertise and reach, paired with our solution will fill an important void that has always existed in the ATM industry."
Source:  ATM Marketplace

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