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Government to ban products supply from Turkey

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Another embargo will be imposed on fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and milk.

The list of economic sanctions in response to Turkish aggression will be presented before 1 December. According to Rosselkhoznadzor, they cannot oppose the conclusions of the Russian government.

"We have to ensure the implementation. And we are able to. It is necessary to substitute the Turkish supplies - this is feasible. Firstly, we were able to rapidly increase our own agricultural production volume- Western sanctions have helped. In addition, this year we have done a lot to expand the geography of supplies. The system of food supply to the population has become more flexible and, at the same time, more stable, “- said the government agency spokesperson.

Veterinary Control already informed about the prospects of expanding the supply of cheese and dairy products from Iran. During the last week, agreement was reached on expanding the supplies from Vietnam, Uruguay, the United Arab Emirates.

Last Saturday, Vladimir Putin signed a decree "On measures to ensure the national security of the Russian Federation and to protect Russian citizens from criminal and other illegal activities, and on other special economic measures against the Republic of Turkey."

The Russian president instructed the government to draw up a list of Turkish goods that would fall under the ban or restriction on their importation, as well as a list of works or services provided by companies from Turkey, which may fall under the ban.

It should be recalled, that starting from January 1, 2016 Russian companies will be banned to hire employees among Turkish citizens, while tour operators are already recommended "to refrain" from selling tour vouchers to Turkey to Russian citizens.
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