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Google, Adobe, Qubit, IBM and Best Buy Are Working on an E-commerce Web Data Standard

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ecommerceIBM, Google, Adobe, Best Buy and start-up company Qubit as well as other technology companies and e-commerce operators have joined forces to create a standard for managing certain types of website data, particularly the kind that will be valuable to e-commerce outfits.

The newly released "Customer Experience Digital Data Acquisition” standard covers product category, price, currency, voucher discounts, payment information and shipping information, but also user information from address to username.

The standard is aimed at simplifying the exchange of data between web services that deal in product and customer information (think tracking) and theoretically cut down on site technology vendor lock-in. Another driver is to make life easier for those setting up shop online for the first time – if there’s a standardized way for them to address specifications such as price or shipping requirements, then that should mean less work developing the site.

According to the draft: “the proposed Standard data object is a JavaScript object because of ubiquitous support for JavaScript in web browsers and web based applications, as well as in other forms of digital properties like mobile & kiosks and so forth.”
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