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Fruit and vegetables from Syria to come to Russia

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Russia sees a start of the first supplies of Syrian products to partly replace the Turkish imports.

Adyg-Jurack, a Maikop-based company (Krasnodarsky region) launched the import of products from Syria, fruit and vegetables, in particular, says company’s CEO Aslan Panesh to the media. Last week the second shipment arrived in the port of Novorossiysk, he added. About 3,000 tons of lemons, oranges, grapefruit, cabbage and tomatoes have been imported in Russia.

The Syrian products have been only supplied in small shipments in a test mode so far, the Kommersant newspaper explains. The imported products are now sold through wholesale and retail centre Food City, located in Moscow, as well as through a number of wholesale companies located in the southern regions of Russia.

Poor packaging remains the main problem hindering stable imports. According to Aslan Panesh, production of packaging materials that meet the required standards will be organized in Syria within the next six months. This will allow weekly supplies of 3-4 thousand tons of fruit and vegetables, to increase the weekly shipments to 5 thousand tons in the future.
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