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Freight train traveling from Ukraine to China lost in Kazakhstan

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Press service “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy” has no information on the train whereabouts, saying only that "it is on the territory of the republic".

The freight train that started its way on January 15 to deliver goods from Europe to China using the so-called "Silk Road" in by-pass of the Russian territory on January 15 fell out of the schedule. Such information was provided to the media at Dostyk, a railway station on the border between Kazakhstan and China.

"The train didn’t arrive at the station," – they say.

Besides, there is evidence that the goods wagons were uncoupled and left at the Balkhash station, Karaganda region, on January 30, Saturday, because of lack of due payment.The administration of the port of Aktau informed earlier that the train left Baku on a ferry to arrive in Aktau on January 22, according to the schedule, and was forwarded for further route the same day.

The route of the train starts at Izov station on the border of Ukraine and Poland to end at Dostyk station on the border of Kazakhstan and China. It includes ferries in the Black and Caspian Seas (Ilyichevsk - Batumi and Alyat - Aktau Port).

The train was to arrive in Georgia in three days, then go to Azerbaijan by land, cross the Caspian Sea by ferry and reach the border with China moving across Kazakhstan. The project authors expect that despite the complicated logistics, it will take the train no more than two weeks to reach the border with China.
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