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FCS supported proposal to open 5% of parcels from abroad

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26.01.2016 Количество просмотров 351 views
This statement was made by Andrey Belianinov, Head of the Federal Customs Service (FCS).

"We support this initiative. But I have already said that we would not like to be accused of excessive bureaucratic zeal in this regard. 

Therefore, 5% or 25% - it’s hard to say. But as a check digit, this figure may satisfy us at present," Mr.Belianinov said in a media interview. He did not specify, however, when exactly this measure can be introduced.

It is to be recalled that it was AKIT (Association of Internet Trading Companies) that initiated a proposal to the customs officers to open at least 5% of foreign parcels as to identify and later destruct counterfeit goods. Nevertheless, not all domestic online retailers support the initiative, saying that it is necessary to combat counterfeiting before shipment.

Foreign Internet platforms assure that they effectively cope with that themselves, and the initiative will only increase the burden on the end users, who will pay for everything.
Source:  The Paypers


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