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FAS to raise prices for vital medicines

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The Federal Anti-Monopoly Service is to initiate a one-time 5 ruble rise in prices for medical drugs from the life-saving and essential medicines list.

“FAS of Russia proposes a one-time fixed 5 ruble increase in prices for life-saving and essential medicines which had been officially priced before at 50 rubles ($0.67) or less,” said a press officer, referring to a letter to the Russian government sent by FAS in late November 2015.

FAS believes that the indexation by the set value, in contrast to the indexation at a percentage rate will equally support the production of cheap drugs and let avoid negative consequences caused by the price growth.

Besides, FAS proposes to consider one-time indexing of prices for out-of-production medicines having no analogues. FAS suggests indexing up to a level which would ensure the break-even production of such drugs.
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