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Facebook tries to turn its platform into a customer service hub

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Consumers leave 2.5 billion comments on the 50 million active business pages on Facebook every month. Given that so many consumers turn to Facebook to address customer service issues, the social network is seeking to make it easier for retailers and other businesses to use Facebook to communicate with customers.

The social network today rolled out a number of features for pages to make it easier for page administrators to manage both the public and private customer service interactions they receive on Facebook.

After introducing a feature over the summer that identified pages that respond to 90% of messages and have a median response time of less than 5 minutes with a “Very responsive to messages” badge on pages, Facebook is giving pages more control and responsiveness levels. Starting this month, all pages can set the average time it takes for them to reply to messages. An administrator can select to display that the retailer typically responds to consumers “within minutes,” “within hours” or “within a day” based on the page’s average response time, which Facebook calculates for every page. The administrator can adjust the display down from the page’s average so that even though the page, on average responds “within hours” an administrator can set it to “within a day” to set customer expectations.

Facebook also redesigned the pages inbox, the hub where consumers’ private interactions are collected, to show an administrator the page’s past interactions with the shopper, as well as information the person publicly shares on her profile, like her current city. An administrator can add notes about the shopper, such as current orders, past customer service preferences or other relevant information. The administrator can also add tags to categorize the conversation and make it easier to find and respond to later. The notes and tags are only visible to the page administrator.

Facebook has added a new messaging status called “away” that allows an administrator to designate when someone is unavailable to respond to messages. That away status then appears on the brand’s page so consumers know the page is unavailable to respond. When the away feature is enabled, Facebook doesn’t factor the messages the page receives into the page’s response rate.

Facebook also is letting administrators set away messages and instant replies. Away messages, which automatically reply to messages received when a page is set to away, can be used to inform shoppers when they can expect a response or where to find other information. Instant replies, which are automatically sent to consumers who message the page, can be used to say hello, thank the consumer for reaching out or direct shoppers to more information that may help them before the business can reply.

“Now it's easier than ever for pages to address both the public comments and private messages that people send them, in order to build and maintain strong relationships and grow their business,” says Michael Sharon, Facebook’s product manager, pages.
Source:  Internet Retailer


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