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Facebook’s click-through rates jump 35% in Q3

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The number of impressions the social network delivered in the third quarter grew 10% compared with the second quarter, while its display ad click-through rate jumped 35% year over year, according to the new Adobe Digital Index “Q3 2015 Digital Advertising Report.” Meanwhile, the cost per click for Facebook ads dipped 2% year over year.

Those results may drive marketers to boost Facebook ad spending, says Joe Martin, senior analyst, Adobe Digital Index. “There’s no question that Facebook is delivering for advertisers,” he says.

Facebook’s strong click-through rate growth likely is due to advertisers becoming more sophisticated in how they target consumers, Martin says. For instance, Facebook lets a brand leverage the information the social network knows about its users—such as their demographics, interests and offline buying behaviors—to develop campaigns tailored to either prospective or current customers.

Google Inc. recently rolled out a similar tool that lets advertisers share customers’ email addresses with Google and match the search giant’s user data. The increased functionality may have helped Google boost its display ad click-through rate 25% during the quarter (the new functionality only arrived at the tail end of the quarter).

Adobe’s report examined the revenue Adobe Systems Inc.’s retail, media, entertainment and travel clients generated from shoppers clicking from social networks. It then divided that by the number of unique visitors from those social sites to develop the average revenue per visit. Adobe found average revenue per visit for shoppers who click from Facebook was $1.24 in the third quarter, up 6.9% from $1.16 in the same period a year earlier.

Average revenue per visit for consumers clicking from Twitter was 60 cents, up 39.5% from 43 cents. Average revenue per visit for shoppers clicking from Pinterest was 74 cents, up 12.1% from 66 cents a year earlier. And average revenue per visit for shoppers clicking from Reddit was 57 cents, up 111.1% from 27 cents a year earlier.

The report also found that the economic slowdowns in Asia and Europe put a dent in those regions’ paid search spending; Asian paid search spending grew 2% and European spending grew 7% compared to the same period a year earlier. Meanwhile, North American paid search spending grew 17%. Overall, global paid search spending rose 10%.
Source:  Internet Retailer


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