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Facebook refused to comply with the law on personal data

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The company says it sees no need in migration of Russian users’ personal data to the Russian servers because it is of no economic benefit.

August, 25. At a meeting with Thomas Myrup Kristensen, Facebook's Director Public Policy, Nordics, Central & Eastern Europe and Russia, Head of Roskomnadzor Alexander A. Zharov discussed several important issues regarding compliance with the Russian legislation, the Law on Personal Data, in particular.
According to media reports, Facebook rules out the need to transfer personal data of Russian users to the Russian servers. Moreover, the social network finds it economically unsound in terms of funding.

Compliance checks will not start until 2016.

Officials from the Ministry of Communications and Roskomnadzor assure that the law will enter into force on 1 September 2015, as planned. However, no arrangements necessary to verify compliance with this law by online companies have been included into the Roskomnadzor schedule so far. Thus, Roskomnadzor will not start checking companies for compliance with the law at least until 1 January 2016.
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