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Facebook has become the most used social network Russian business

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According to a survey conducted by Rose, 95% of entrepreneurs use social networks to promote their businesses

Facebook has become the most popular tool among SMM-tool for domestic entrepreneurs, according to the poll Rose held in June-August 2015. 60 marketers participated in it.

The voting results were as follows

Most of the top managers of Russian companies (97%) voted in favour of Facebook, as the main platform for online consumer communication.

• VKontakte (In touch) - 55%
• YouTube - 43%
• Instagram - 37%
• LinkedIn - 25%
• Twitter - 20%

According to the survey, 95% of respondents started to use social networks for the promotion of business, with 65% of them - in the past two years. Nevertheless, 68% of respondents say they do not plan to increase their SMM budgets in the coming year, while 27% expect the budget growth in this area.

87% recognize the role of marketing in social networks, and 60% say that such marketing activities are really effective. Despite this, 43% do not know how to properly evaluate the results of SMM activities, and as few as 43% have used the services of outsourcing companies.
Source:  Retail&Loyalty


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