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EU-wide pharmaceuticals online platform launched

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Mediestoc, a pharmaceutical products-based online marketplace, has launched its services across Europe.

The Irish group Civic Pharmaceuticals has presented the launch as the first online pharmaceutical business portal in Europe, reports. The new website charges no access fee and is directed at medical and pharmaceutical professionals –after validation of their licences by a competent health authority–, in order to use it and interact on it for the operations regulated in the European healthcare and pharmaceutical framework. will open up a new, real-time meeting point for pharmaceutical distribution. The platform contains all the categories of healthcare and pharmaceutical products currently marketed in Europe, with particular focus on medications for human and veterinary use.

On January 2016, a new online tool for buying and selling pharmaceuticals stocks –as its main service– will become available to professional users within the European pharmaceutical sector. It is conceived as a marketplace for useful and functional new services for all its users' activities.

The pharmaceutical products to be traded through the platform are medicinal products for human and veterinary use, both thermolabile and ambient temperature, healthcare products (those dispensed from pharmacies or for hospital or surgical use), optical, orthopaedic and medical devices; para-pharmacy products such as personal hygiene, cosmetics, child and baby care or natural products; dietary and nutritional products, including sports nutrition and herbalist products.

It will operate in the same way as a normal marketplace. Autonomous transactions will take place between two parties, and the platform will take a variable cut starting at a maximum of 3.3% of the amount of the transaction, whereas the minimum applied is 1.6%. The variables taken into account for this fluctuating calculation are the repetition of items, frequency, the amount of the transaction and the efficiency of use.

The new platform will receive payment and organise the pick-up of stock, which is then processed and validated in their facilities; this is when the elements are transacted. The seller receives their money (within 48 hours from the time the goods are shipped) and the buyer is guaranteed delivery of the stock (within 5 days of the online purchase). Another feature worth noting for professionals is the anonymity of purchasers and sellers on
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