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EMP releases Instant Issuing Service

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emp.jpgEmerging Markets Payments (EMP), a payments services provider in Africa and the Middle East, has launched its Instant Issuing Service, which gives banks the capability to issue customers with cards in-branch instantly. 

EMP has introduced this service to enhance operational efficiencies in card issuance and distribution for its clients. The service is aimed to reduce turnaround times for banking customers, in turn helping banks to increase their customer satisfaction. Ultimately, banks adopting Instant Issuing Service will be able to issue new, supplementary, replacement and renewal cards to customers instantly, and the cards can be personalised with the customer’s name, an option for a photograph and they can be linked to accounts. 

Banks can also set up a customer selected PIN, activate the card, set user security and access levels and separate duties between makers and checkers to add more security and audit levels. The Instant Issuing Service will also help banks overcome the problem of customers failing to collect pre-ordered cards.
Source:  The Paypers


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