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eBay Launches 3D Printing Customisation App

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Exact eBay Last Friday, eBay launched an iPhone app that allows users to customise a selection of accessories available for sale on its website and have them manufactured custom-made with the use of three dimensional printing.

Not surprisingly, the market for products created by 3D printers is no longer restricted to small circles of technology enthusiasts.

Dubbed Exact eBay, the service allows the user to choose products from companies that work with 3D printers like MakerBot, Sculpteo and Hot Pop Factory, and perform a number of customisations, such as choice of colour, size, shape and materials.

The selection is available among items which are made mostly of plastic and metal, according to the American site MIT Technology Review. After choosing and personalising the items, the purchase is made conveniently through eBay’s embedded payment service.

After completing the ordering process, products arrive at the residence of the user in an estimated period of one to two weeks, in the United States.
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