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E-retailers’ holiday hurdles include inventory, delivery, shipping and service

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Retailers should be aware that online holiday shoppers will be quick to click away if they are disappointed with late deliveries and slow responses to their questions, according to a report by eBay Enterprise and CFI Group.

The Holiday Outlook Report shows online shoppers want a variety of ordering and shipping options, and that they won’t be patient if a product is not available. Of 500 online shoppers surveyed 79% say they are likely to switch brands if the items they want are out of stock, says CFI Group CEO Sheri Petras.

Shoppers often will abandon an entire purchase if one item they’ve placed in their shopping cart comes up missing, the report says.

Nearly 89% of shoppers who don’t encounter stumbles and who complete their purchases want their items shipped to their address. 19% opt for an in-store pickup, the report shows. Another 8% say they use a ship-to-store option when it’s available. The survey allowed for multiple responses, so the total doesn’t add up to 100%.

Of shoppers who prefer in-store pickup, 62% say they want to save on shipping costs and 17% say they want to get the product immediately. The combined 79% underscores the importance of having inventory available in-store and online to satisfy all types of customers, the study says. The remaining 21% said they prefer in-store pickup because they don’t want others in their household to see a delivery.

How retailers handle shipping costs and late deliveries is especially important during the holidays, the survey shows.

Most online shoppers—86%—consider whether it’s worth paying a premium shipping price to get quick delivery, the survey says. 6% typically choose the cheapest price and 8% say they pay the premium for overnight delivery, the survey shows.

When a delivery fails to arrive by a promised date, 26% of shoppers say they contact the retailer’s customer service department the next day, while 48% do so if two days go by without the parcel arriving, and 26% are willing to wait three days or longer, according to the survey.

As for expectations of store associates, 36% of shoppers surveyed say they expect associates to be able to access their ordering history or other information associated with their online purchases. More than half of shoppers—53%—also expect help processing a return; 62% expect the store employee can find out-of-stock items at another location for immediate pickup; and 56% anticipate being able to order online for home delivery when a product is out of stock at a store, while 4% expected no help on any of the options. Survey respondents could choose more than one answer.
Source:  Internet Retailer


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