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DIXY Group introduces targeted assistance to those in need according to “food drive” technology

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dixi.pngDIXY Group has launched a project which provides direct food deliveries to those in need. According to the “Food Drive” technology, the deliveries are from a charitable fund within The Global Goals program, “A World without Hunger”

Volunteers including office workers in Moscow and St. Petersburg bring food products to organized stations and within two weeks, managed to collect goods encompassing over 500 product names.

In anticipation of the Christmas and New Year season, sets of socially significant foodstuffs, each including cereals, vegetable oil, granulated sugar, tea, canned meat and so on, were delivered to non-profit organizations which implement charitable projects to support lonely aged people, large and needy families in Moscow, St. Petersburg and around the two capitals. A group of employees from DIXY’s Moscow office have visited members of the Veterans’ Council in order to personally present them with food products and congratulate the senior citizens on the holiday occasion.

“DIXY is creating a balanced social program, and its employees’ volunteer involvement is a major element of this effort. We are very glad that our employees are responding with enthusiasm to the invitation to help those in need.

The food drive technology offers each participant an accessible opportunity to support those who found themselves in trouble or a difficult situation. The project will be continued throughout 2016 and will become fundamental to DIXY’s corporate social responsibility,” says Ekaterina Kumanina, Public Relations and Government Affairs Director of DIXY Group. The “food drive” initiative has become a logical follow-up to DIXY’s social policy which operates in every region of the chain’s presence. In accordance with its principles, DIXY regularly launches projects of assistance to people who have found themselves at a disadvantage. The company supports not only programs that tackle current and acute problems but also tries to improve the surrounding regions’ social environment. On December 31, the chain introduced another phase of the “Caring neighbours” long-term program which as a result of cash receipts from special shopping bags was able to help fund projects of charitable funds in 12 regions of Russia. The financial resources will be channelled into support for graduates of residential care facilities in their creative and psychological rehabilitation and adaptation, and to provide assistance to lonely senior citizens, to promote the social adaptation of orphaned children and to support provisional residence centres for pregnant women who are suffering.
Source:  DIXY Group


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