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Diebold unveils contactless self-checkout concept

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diebold.jpgDiebold, a provider of self-service solutions to retailers, has introduced a new mobile-enabled self-checkout concept

Building on Diebold's omnichannel expertise in the financial services industry, the new concept combines the core functionalities of the automated teller machine (ATM) with the convenience of contactless mobile payments and self-checkout.

The new concept enables consumers to scan items they want to purchase while shopping in-store via their mobile device. Once a consumer is ready to pay, they simply tap their phone at the self-checkout unit to pay for the items when exiting. Payment is made via preloaded card information found in the consumers' mobile wallet within the retailer's mobile app or cash inserted into the terminal. Cash-back can also be offered through the checkout terminal, which can function as an ATM.

Moreover, the process eliminates traditional checkout lines and increases consumer loyalty through the use of stored-value cards, mobile marketing campaigns and membership rewards programs.
Source:  The Paypers


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