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Cyber Monday: global sale starts today

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During 24 hours (and up to 6 days in some stores), online stores will offer goods to their customers at 20-90% discounts.

“There will be a special section for Russian goods on the Cyber Monday website this year," Alexey Fedorov, President of the Association of Internet Commerce Companies (AKIT) said in a media interview. “Over a hundred different online stores participate in Cyber Monday. Navigation is much more convenient for the customers, when a number of the most famous brands, rather than the entire array of online stores, are presented during Cyber Monday.
Cyber Monday is the only sales day, when practically all activities are online. The distinctive feature of our day is that we are trying to inform the customers that there is a huge amount of Russian goods manufactured in Russia under various brands - Western or Eastern. And we want to explain the customers what to buy, where and, most importantly, at what price, instead of just appealing: "Buy Russian goods!"

It is the fourth time already that Cyber Monday takes place in Russia.
Source:  Retail&Loyalty


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