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Customs officers are invited to open suspicious parcels from abroad

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Russian Association of Internet Commerce Companies (AKIT) proposes Customs Service of Russia to open up to 5% of parcels from abroad in order to detect counterfeited goods and destruct them later.

AKITA members are well-known companies such as Ozon, Media Markt, Lamoda, M-Video, re: Store, Svyaznoy, Eldorado, Sportmaster, "Yulmart" and 220 Volts. Alexei Fyodorov, President of the Association, informed Kommersant about the intention to submit such a proposal to the Federal Customs Service.

He thinks the buyers should not be held liable for counterfeit package, because they are not aware of counterfeit origin of the goods, as a rule. The scheme proposed by AKIT provides for a special expertise with participation of the manufacturer to be carried out if there are suspicions about the authenticity of the goods. If the expertise confirms the suspicions, the purchased goods are destroyed, and the consumer should settle the matter directly with the seller.

If the store is not in the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation, AKIT will apply to the competent authorities at the place of its location with a request to punish it in accordance with applicable local and international regulations.

Now there are no regulations for opening parcels: customs officers check them with an X-ray device and open a parcel, if suspicions arise, in the presence of witnesses.
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