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Consumers believe Bitcoin is more inconvenient than cards

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Consumers believe Bitcoin is more inconvenient than checksConsumers believe Bitcoin to be more inconvenient than traditional payment methods such as credit cards and checks, a recent survey shows.

According to a poll conducted by Blackhawk Network, 18% of respondents reported using alternative payment methods such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Bitcoin in 2014. 68% of these consumers indicated they used the products more than they did in 2014.

However, Blackhawk found that the consumer attitude toward Bitcoin is still largely negative, revealing that 38% ranked Bitcoin as the most inconvenient of surveyed payment methods including cash, credit cards, PayPal and checks.

Checks were ranked as the second most inconvenient payment method by consumers, with 35% reporting they viewed the payment method with dissatisfaction. Cash, by comparison, was viewed as the most popular payment method, with 93% of consumers reporting a satisfaction with paper currency.

A recent Goldman Sachs report found that 22% of US millennials have used Bitcoin and intend to use the payment method again. Still, research also suggested many consumers remain unconvinced in the technology's utility for payments.


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