Chinese ecommmerce players claimed 65 percent of Russian online orders from abroad in 2014 - Information portal

Chinese ecommmerce players claimed 65 percent of Russian online orders from abroad in 2014

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In 2014, Chinese ecommerce companies claimed 65% of Russian online orders from abroad, acccording to a report issued by East West Digital News.

Chinese online vendors took advantage of the ruble’s continued decline and a recession that prompted Russians to shop for less expensive items. Evgeniya Arnautova, press officer for the Russian payment platform Yandex.Money, stated that, in 2014, the Russians placed about 50 million orders from Chinese online stores, up 40% from 2013, reports. Chinese vendors’ success in Russia comes amid double-digit growth of ecommerce sales in Russia. The cross-border segment of the Russian ecommerce sector expanded by 70% in 2014 to reach total sales of USD 5 billion.

According to Arnautova, users paid almost eight times more for orders from China during June - August, 2015 than the same period of 2014, using Yandex.Money as well as Yandex.Kassa, a payment solution that includes not only electronic wallets but also bank cards, Internet banking, mobile phone account payments, and payments through terminals. Russians’ interest in Chinese online shopping has increased with the entry of new players into the Russian market. In 2014, Yandex.Money connected nearly 40 new large and medium Chinese online shops to the payment system.

Adrien Henni, lead author of the EWDN research study on cross-border sales to Russia, noted that a range of Chinese players, who now sell via such platforms as AliExpress, eBay or Amazon, are interested in the Russian market and will attempt to sell directly to Russian consumers as soon as they have decided they understand the market and set up the necessary procedures, the source cites. A subsidiary of Alibaba Group, the online retailer AliExpress, which started operations in Russia in 2012, has become the most popular online retailer in Russia.

In 2015, the Chinese platform has become the leader of the Russian ecommerce market in terms of the total number of customers. According to TNS, the monthly customer base of the online retailer in Russia amounted to almost 19.6 million people in April 2015, showing a 50% increase compared to April 2014. Russia ranks second in AliExpress’s global audience, providing almost 10% of the retailer’s traffic, according to the website Similar Web, and is second only to the US, with 11% of traffic. Gross merchandise sold through Alibaba’s marketplaces in Russia in 2014 totaled RUB 110 billion rubles (USD 1.69 billion).
Source:  The Paypers

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