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China Initiates an e-Commerce Hub in Vladivostok

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Similar hubs are already available in Ekaterinburg, Moscow and Novosibirsk.

Representatives of Heilongjiang province, Cnina, came up with an initiative to create a new logistics hub in the territory of Vladivostok, Far East Administrative Center. The information was provided by A Zhangqi, Trade Committee Administrator.

The Government of this Chinese province is planning to present the new project during EXPO 2015 to take place in Harbin in October.

The Hub Project will be Presented at EXPO in Harbin

“We want to open a logistics hub in the free port of Vladivostok, and will promote the project during the EXPO in Harbin,” ¬¬– said A Zhanqi. He believes such a hub can be used to handle purchases and goods ordered on the Chinese territory through the Internet.

With its location within a free port, the hub will simplify the customs clearance procedure. “Customs fee will be paid when a product leaves the free zone,” – commented A Zhanqi.
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