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Cards to get free meals and products may appear in Russia

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Ministry of Industry and Trade came up with a nation-wide food aid initiative.

In theory, the introduction of the new system may start in 2016 with a launch of food cards, while a subsidized meals scheme implementation is scheduled for 2018.

The product range offered under the scheme will vary by regions. However, neither alcohol nor cigarettes may be bought using such cards.

Two lines of the new programme development are envisaged:

1. A food card - a system of supplementary meals, provision of funds in the form of special bonuses and points to individuals in need.

2. A subsidized and free meals programme introduced in canteens, cafes and other catering facilities for Russian citizens.

The government programme is to be financed through reallocation of budgets of various unviable projects at the federal level, and through active local food aid programmes - at the regional level.

Ministry of Industry and Trade also admits an option of the programme co-financing by the citizens of the Russian Federation - the cardholder will be able to deposit their own money on the card. In this case, extra 30-50 per cent of the deposited amount will be added from the budget.

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