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Cambodian ecommerce industry on the rise as internet proliferates

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ecommerce-china1.jpgEcommerce industry in Cambodia is registering growth as internet penetration rate is increasing, and more online platforms are opening to sell their products to e-shoppers. 

Some online shopping centers like MAIO Mall offer a plethora of functions, including lending and booking services, whereas others, like Shop168, link brick-and-mortar stores with customers via web portal and delivery services, reports. 

According to the Telecommunications Regulator of Cambodia, the number of internet users has reached 5 million, or about one third of the population in 2014. In April, 2015, Cambodian Minister of Posts and Telecommunication Prak Sokhonn said he expected penetration to reach 9.5 million people by 2020, the source cites. 

The minister had said that MNOs had sold 20.45 million SIM cards by the end of 2014. Smartphones are Cambodians’ primary method of accessing the internet. Cambodia has a population of 15.5 million people. 

Despite the growing number of users, internet access is spotty in more rural areas, where internet speeds are much slower than in cities. Kaymu, a European-based provider which operates online marketplaces in 35 countries, sees great potential in Cambodia, according to country manager Vermersch Valentin.

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