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Brand Enterprises Gathering Together, China VMF 2017 is Worthy of Your Expectations

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The 2nd APVA (Asia-Pacific Vending Industry Association) Summit Forum & China VMF 2017 Press Conference has drawn to an end on November 24th in Guangzhou, China. This event was mainly discussed vending market and made a detailed introduction of China International Vending Machine & Self-service Facilities Fair (China VMF 2017) and analyzed the highlights of the exhibition.

Many vending industry experts attended the event, such as Mr. Yu Enze, President of APVA, Mr. Ding Shaohui, Deputy Secretary General of China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association, Mr. Zheng Chunri, Director General of Taiwan Vending Machine Council, Mrs Fuyumi Kitasato, President of TKB, Mr. Chen Zhigang, Director of Wechat Payment Industry of Tencent, etc. They engaged in deep discussion and shared their profound insight into the market. Like Mr. Tang Yuanyi, General Manager of Yunmao Internet of Things, gave us an analysis on the vending market under the era of “internet+” and mobile payment, which showed us the enormous business potentials of vending machines.

2016 Chinese Vending Market Report of Asia-Pacific Vending Industry Association also pointed out that vending machine industry has become one of the fastest growing sectors in the field of retail, as the world’s biggest vending market, Japan has 4.23 million vending machines providing over 6,000 varieties of goods, including drinks, cigarettes, magazines, drugs, and even some big-sized goods like jeans, etc. Last year, the sales of beverages alone amounted to 159,300 million RMB. So enterprises, buyers and operators should firmly grasp this opportunity and hew out a smooth path for the development of vending industry.

As the world vending market grows, trade and communication inside this field take place more and more often, which facilitates the growth of international large-scale trade shows. After 4 years of development, China VMF 2017 will break its records in exhibition area. It is estimated that China VMF will be attended by more than 250 exhibitors and tens of thousands of professional visitors.

Co-organized with APVA, by now, China VMF 2017 has received support from The National Automatic Merchandising Association(NAMA), Japan Vending Machine Manufacturers Association(JVMA), Polish Vending Association, Australia Vending Association, Associatio Asociacion Regia Reguladora de Operadores Vending Activos(ARROVA), VENDING TIMES Magazine, Vending International, Vending Inside Magazine, Your Vending Magazine (Ukraine), InterGame Magazine, Casino Life & Business Magazine, Casino Inside Magazine, The Amusement Industry Catalogue, Hostel Vending magazine, Vending Connection, Automotive Technology Website, Vending TV, Vending News, YourGuide Vending,,, etc from all over the world. A considerable number of brand enterprises have confirmed their attendance next March, such as UBox, Zhouyi, Easy Touch, Kimma, Easivend, TKB, TCN, Fulei, Beijing Yinhai Star Trade, and so on.

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