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BPC Launches Mobile Point of Sale Solution

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mPOS deviceBPC Banking Technologies, the leading provider of Open System payment solutions for the global financial industry, announced the availability of SmartMPOS, a new software solution specifically designed to support merchants’ growing use of mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) devices. With this new solution, merchants of all sizes can accept and process payments through a wide range of mPOS devices from industry leaders. 

SmartMPOS provides transaction switching, real-time authorization and interfacing to external systems such as mail and SMS servers. To activate a new mPOS terminal, users simply download the SmartMPOS application from App Storeor GooglePlay. Once installed on the mobile device, all settings are configured automatically and the mPOS terminal is ready to be used for payments. In addition to supporting all types of cards: mag-stripe, chip and contactless cards, SmartMPOS also provides a merchant portal for online control of payments and reporting. 

By using the new solution from BPC, not only can merchants increase customer loyalty by accepting a wider range of payments but they can do so cost effectively, and they can lower the cost of expanding their terminal network. To enhance security, SmartMPOS uses two-factor authorization, full data encryption, and the smartphone screen may be used for e-signature capture. 

“SmartMPOS is the latest in a long line of innovative solutions from BPC, which use advanced technologies to help our customers’ achieve their business goals. SmartVista is a comprehensive and sophisticated platform for payments, which can be deployed as an end-to-end solution or as stand-alone modules, such as for mPOS acquiring and management. SmartMPOS helps merchants deliver new services to their customers, while lowering the overall cost of the terminal network”, said Vasily Grigoriev, CEO, BPC Banking Technologies.
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