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05.08.2015 Количество просмотров 642 views локализует персональные данные российских клиентовBritish company IXcellerate, the owner of a data center in Moscow, is chosen by as a partner in Russia to store personal data of Russian clients. The law requiring the Russian citizens’ personal data localization will be effective from September 1. Meanawhile about 20% of Internet companies are not ready for that yet.

American online service agreed with IXcellerate upon storing personal data of Russian citizens. According to sources competent in the Telecom market, will store passport details of people who book hotels, and credit card data submitted by the clients when ordering the services.

Back in June, promised to comply with the new law requiring operators of personal data store them in Russia starting from September 1.

“As far as we understand, this law will not affect our relations with business partners and clients in Russia. When the law comes into force, no changes insofar it concerns customer support will happen”, - a representative told to the media in June 2015. is one of the most popular tourist websites in Russia. According to ComScore, in January 2015 it was visited by 3.3 million unique visitors from Russia, a 9.3% increase compared to the previous year. Headquartered in the Netherlands, is part of Priceline, an American Internet holding company. offers accommodation in more than 600 000 hotels in 200 countries. OOO RUSIA is a representative office in Russia.”

The market of commercial data centers in Russia is estimated by the managing director of IXcellerate at about 500 million. A few as 30% of the domestic operators of personal data store them in Russia while the other 70% of companies will have to migrate the databases from abroad, says Dmitry Fokin. The market of the data exchange center will grow to $1.75-2 billion in Russia due to the localization alone, plus organic growth, he predicts.

A number of large foreign players such as eBay, AliExpress, Lenovo, Uber unveiled their plans for localization of personal data of their Russian clients by September 1. A manager, familiar with the Uber business expects the Russian clients’ data migration to Russia from abroad will cost the company several million dollars. At the same time, according to a survey carried out by RAEC (the Russian Association for Electronic Communications) 19% of respondents are not yet ready to comply with the law because of technical difficulties and unexpected costs. Over 40 Russian and foreign Internet companies took part in the survey. 
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