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BitPay intros NFC-based merchant POS app

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Bitcoin Checkout.jpgBitPay announced Bitcoin Checkout, a point-of-sale app that enables merchants to accept bitcoin payments on a mobile device with NFC support.

The company wrote in a blog post that Bitcoin Checkout is designed to be fully featured for both solo use and alongside existing point-of-sale systems. Merchants can start accepting bitcoin now even if their vendor isn’t among the Bitcoin point-of-sale integrations BitPay currently offers.

With the Bitcoin Payment Protocol support, payments are sent and verified instantly.

"We believe this seamless experience — all on an open wallet ecosystem — is the key to setting bitcoin apart, and we’re excited to be working with wallet vendors to accelerate this leap in bitcoin’s ease of use," the company wrote in the blog post.

Bitcoin Checkout includes additional features designed for service businesses, including multi-employee checkout, optional on-screen tipping, tip reporting, and matching of order IDs entered from another point-of-sale system. Orders can be priced in more than 150 currencies.


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