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Bitcoin mining malware attacks continue for 2015

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Bitcoin mining malware attacks continue for 2015Developers are targeting users with malware geared toward illicitly generating or stealing Bitcoin, a recent report unveils.

According to a study conducted by Kaspersky, Bitcoin mining malware accounted for 9% of financial bugs detected. Programs designed to steal Bitcoins from wallets accounted for 6%.

According to Kaspersky Lab's Q2 report from 2014, detection rates for illicit mining programs and wallet stealers accounted for 14% and 8%, respectively. The firm's Q1 data, Bitcoin mining and wallet theft malware accounted for 12% and 3% of malware types detected.

The study also shows that mobile threats are on the rise, suggesting that malware developers are taking advantage of rising investments in mobile platforms by the world's major banks. An average of 40% of computers worldwide were targeted at least once during Q2 2015, according to the report.


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